Mobile Applications

A application mobile is a software application developed for a mobile electronic device, such as a PDA, cell phone, smartphone, etc

Advantages of a mobile application .

  • Builds customer loyalty

The smartphone has become an essential object in our lives, thanks to the multitude of applications that provide us with different services. For a company, having a mobile application allows consumers to see your brand every day, this proximity makes a very good relationship marketing tool.

  • Send Push Notifications

One of the main advantages of mobile applications are the push notifications. Unlike emails, notifications attract our attention and redirect us directly to the application.

  • Integrate the phone’s features

A smartphone is an assembly of several technologies like the GPS, a camera, an NFC( Near Field Connection). These technologies can be accessed through an application in order to offer a particular service facilitating the life of its users. For example, an NFC can be used to make bank payments.

  • The ergonomics

An application for Smartphones is often more ergonomic than a mobile website. It makes the user experience much better thanks to navigation and content specially adapted to mobile uses.

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