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Orange Plugin SMS For WordPress (WooCommerce)


Orange sms is a plugin that allows you to manage SMS notifications from WordPress and the Woocommerce plugin. After installation, orange SMS directly supports WordPress and Woocommerce plugin notifications.

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ORANGE SMS PLUGIN for WordPress (WooCommerce)

The orange SMS WordPress plugin is a tool that allows you to manage SMS notifications from WordPress as well as from Woocommerce. After its installation, it directly supports the notifications of WordPress and the Woo commerce plugin. Indeed, WordPress refers to use actions and Woo-commerce to control actions.

  • Orange SMS WordPress plugin for owners

Orange SMS allows owners to make marketing SMS. However, studies show that you can’t check your email twice a day. However, many emails are rejected because their content is undesirable. On the other hand, we also have to check an inbox several times a day. As a result, many messages can be read in a few minutes.

  • For Clients

The plugin allows consumers to receive real-time notifications following their various actions on the visited site.

  • Technical Support

One way or another, orange SMS evolves and is tested on WordPress 5.2.7 and Woo-commerce 3.7.0.

  • Operator Support

The orange SMS plugin is functional for all operators in Cameroon (Camtel, Orange, Mtn, Nexttel, Yoomee).

  • Installation

The installation here is simple, it is done like most of the plugins of WordPress. Just download the plugin and put the orange SMS folder in a plugin folder. Then go to the administration page of WordPress, then click on the extension and it will display an orange SMS. Then activate it and proceed with the configuration.


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