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Orange Money Plugin Cameroun For WooCommerce (WordPress)


Woo orange money Cameroun is a payment plugin for e-commerce sites running under WooCommerce (Wordpress). It allows you to accept payments via orange money. Your customers will now be able to make their purchases easily with their orange money account.

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Orange Money Plugin Cameroun

Plugin orange money Cameroun pour Woocommerce (WordPress) allows any e-merchant to accept Orange Money payments on its online store.

It also allows users with the OM e-wallet to make purchases on your site without worry. It also allows you to increase the number of payment methods on your store. Therefore, you have more possibility to increase your turnover because you leave it more by one customer.

Avantages the Orange money Plugin Cameroun for mechants

This plugin allows you to implement a simple and fast payment method especially for local consumers. Orange money being a plugin more accessible than other payment methods (PayPal, bank transfer,…) and at the same time available on WooCommerce.

Avantages for clients

The plugin makes it easy for customers to pay for their orders with a method that they will get used to and that can be very widespread.


Orange money payment whose objective is to develop and test on lattes version of WordPress and Woocommerce


The installation is very simple like most of the plugins on WordPress. However, simply download the plugin and place the Orange money Payment folder in the plugin folder located in WP-content. Then go to the WordPress administration page. Click then on extensions you will see the Orange money Payement plugin. Activate it and you will see a new Payment method available in your Woocommerce plugin.


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