Web Applications

In computer science, an application webis an application that can be manipulated directly online with a web browser and therefore does not require installation on the client machines, unlike mobile applications

Advantages of a Web Application

    • The main advantage of a application web is its availabilty. Indeed, all you need is an internet connection and a browser to access it from a computer, a tablet or a mobile. An example of a application web we can mention the messaging application gmail.
    • the backup is done on the server. There is therefore almost no risk of losing your data.
    • Update management. Une application web does not need to be installed on a computer or smartphone, so there is no need to update manually. the updates are directly installed on the server, so we have the latest version on all devices.
  • No operating system incompatibility (you just need a browser).

Which technologies to create a web application?


The HTML and the CSS are used to realize the design of the different pages.


PHP is one of the most common languages on the web. it is a server-side language that allows the designing of dynamic applications.


Javascript is a client-side language, which means that it is executed on the browser. It is used in particular to create dynamism on the client-side and animations.


A framework is a coherent set of structural software components that are used to create the foundation and outline of all or part of an application. The purpose of a framework is to accelerate the development of web applications and software.


The different types of web applications

There are three main types of web applications:

1- Static web application or Single Page Applications (SPA)

This type of application has little information and requires only HTML, CSS and JavaScript(Ajax) for its realization. We also use JavaScript frameworks such as Angular JS, VueJS or React JS. Its principle is the following: the necessary resources are retrieved and displayed dynamically according to the user’s actions.

2- E-commerce web application

CMS (Content Management System) are generally used for this type of application because they offer an already prepared framework such as payment systems, which makes development and maintenance easier and faster.

3- Application web portal

A portal web is a web application that provides a common gateway to a wide range of Internet-based resources and services focused on a particular area of interest or community. For example a search engine, a discussion forum, a chat, an e-mail…

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